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Hora Sfakion
Location of Hora Sfakion
Hora Sfakion


Hora Sfakion is the capital of the district of Sfakia. It is located in beautiful surroundings and is a good starting point to explore the south coast of Crete.

 Getting there

You need to drive over the mountains from the north coast on a good but very winding road. Some public buses.


Laid back and very traditional. This gets interrupted a few times in the afternoon by the arrival of the ferry-boat from Agia Roumeli (and the gorge of Samaria) which disgorges hundreds of exhausted hikers. They generally go straight to the awaiting buses and are gone within minutes.


Plenty of nice simple accommodation.


Quite a few good restaurants located right on the sea front.


All you need for basic needs but not much more than that.


None but you can make your own!


A small, quiet beach with fine pebble is located right in the village. The nice beaches of Ilingas, Filaki and Sweet Water Beach are located within walking distance.

 Additional comments

Hora Sfakion is a great place if you want to get a sense of traditional Crete.

 Hora Sfakion on the web

Sfakia Crete is one of the most comprehensive Cretan web sites
Photos of Sfakia contains a very large photo gallery of the region

 Additional photos (click to enlarge)
Hora Sfakion
Hora Sfakion
The road to Hora Sfakion
The harbour of Hora Sfakion
The ferryboat Daskalogianinis arriving in Hora Sfakion
The beach of Hora Sfakion
The new harbour of Hora Sfakion
Sweet Water beach


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