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Galatas - Daratso
Location of Galatas and Daratso


The villages of Galatas and Daratso are located on the hills overlooking the beach of Kalamaki. These small villages have seen quite a development in tourism in the past few years and buildings now go all the way down to the coast. The lower parts are called Kato (low in Greek) Daratso and Kato Galatas.

 Getting there

Very close to Hania (5 km) with regular city buses.


Galatas and Daratso still manage to maintain a village atmosphere despite all the tourist developments.


A lot to choose from in all categories. Find accommodation in Daratos and Galatas


A few nice restaurants.


Basic but Hania is very close by.


In Hania


You can walk to the beaches of Kalamaki or Agii Apostoli. This will take from 5 to 15 minutes depending on where you are staying.

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