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Agia Roumeli
Location of Agia Roumeli
Agia Roumeli from the sea


Agia Roumeli is a rather new village set in superb natural surroundings.

 Getting there

Not easy: you can either walk or take the ferryboat from Hora Sfakion or Sougia. There are no roads leading to Agia Roumeli.


In the afternoon it gets rather busy with people who have hiked through the gorge of Samaria. In the morning and after the last boat has left in the afternoon Agia Roumeli is very very peaceful.


Plenty of good but simple accommodation.


Plenty of restaurants.


Apart from relaxing the only obvious activity is walking and there is a lot of choice.


There are only two mini-markets in the village which provide most basic needs.


No organized nightlife whatsoever.


Superb beaches (varying from coarse to very fine pebbles). The ones a little away from the village are usually deserted. Very clear sea.

 Additional comments

Agia Roumeli is a little bit of a special case: it sees a lot of tourists who come because of the Samaria gorge every day but almost none of them stay overnight. This means that apart from a few hours a day the village is a very peaceful place to be.

 Agia Roumeli on the web
The gorge of Samaria
 Additional photos (click to enlarge)
View of the coast from above Agia Roumeli
The village of Agia Roumeli
Agia Roumeli in the spring
One of the castles of Agia Roumeli


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